Pilot Season: The XWF (w/ Jason Mann)

It’s the road to WrestleMania so what better way to celebrate then looking at failed attempts at wrestling TV shows? This week Alan tags out to be replaced by Jason Mann who is the host of Wrestlespective, The Alfred Hitchcast and The Over and Back podcast. Patrick and Jason get IN YOUR FACE as they talk about the XWF.

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Wrestlespective on Twitter.

Theme: Hustle by Kevin McLeod (http://incompetech.com)

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Jason’s Podcasts:
Wrestlespective Radio
The Alfred Hitchcast
The Over and Back

Show Notes:

The XWF In Your Face Promos
XWF Ep 1


2 thoughts on “Pilot Season: The XWF (w/ Jason Mann)”

  1. WCW didn’t air much in Ireland? It was everywhere in GB! It was a godsend in the 90s for kids with no cable.

    Vividly remember having cable during the ’87 – ’92 superheroes era WWF, culminating in a great weekend with my old da where we went to Summer Slam ’92 and then drove through the night to see battleships in-dock the next day.

    We moved house the next year, and didn’t have cable. Probably for the best since 1993 – 1996 WWF was dire from all accounts.

    Great ep! 🙂

    1. If you were like me and didn’t have Sky there was no chance of seeing any wrestling from about 1994 on!

      WCW did, briefly, on air UTV (ITV in NI) in the later days of the Saturday wrestling TV slot there (they had the WWF for a little while too as I recall, before Sky because I also remember “Ricky Steamboat is an actual fire breathing dragon” as my earliest wrestling memory). I vividly remember Hulk Hogan signing for WCW possibly being one of the last WCW Worldwide episodes I saw.

      Other than that, I saw some static filled Channel 5 broadcasts of WCW Worldwide in about 1999/2000. (Channel 5 was, for years, impossible to pick up here, a little further east I think you could get it). I missed literally everything from 1994-2000 because it was all on satellite TV.

      I actually enjoy a lot of early 90s WCW even the wacky post-Hogan Dungeon of Doom stuff. Some of my favorite episodes of Wrestlespective are the ones where Jason talks WCW. Especially if Bill Bicknell is his guest. I dunno if any of them are online at the moment though.

      Being at SummerSlam 92 is pretty cool. I’ve never gone to any live wrestling in my life!

      Glad you enjoyed the episode, thanks for listen. There’ll be more wrestling talk on the next episode with a less learned fellow than Jason Mann.

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