Pilot Season: Mockingbird Lane

What’s that going bump in the night? It’s the new episode of Pilot Season. It’s time to get spoopy with Mockingbird Lane.

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Pilot Season Rankings

Also up for discussion:

  • Sexy Joey Ramone
  • Patrick’s Pen Podcast
  • The Munsters vs The Addams Family
  • Murder houses
  • Danny Trejo Corner
  • Eddie Izzard dresses to impress
  • Jerry O’Connell can’t read Bryan Fuller
  • Gushing about Eddie Izzard
  • Alan knows nothing about the Muddy Waters
  • Bryan fights
  • Further Munsters Vs Addams discussion

Hosts: Patrick Brogan and Alan Beirne
Executive Producer: Alan Beirne
Directed by: Tommy Wiseau

Always dedicated to Joey Ramone


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