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UPDATE: The De-Blippining and The Great Re-YouTubening.

A few months ago, back in May to be exact, I received word that were going to be deleting my channel. Since then I have been re-editing and re-uploading my backlog of videos to a new YouTube Channel (which you should totally subscribe to because I’m lovely and so are you so we should be nice to each other).

Today, I reuploaded Wilde meaning that all 3 Literary History videos are now back online and I also reuploaded Gladiator.

What this means is that there are only 5 of the 26 regular series videos that are not yet online! Check below the cut for a full catalogue of videos:

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New Site Design

Over the last 24 hours I decided to give the site a little bit of a make-over.  So while it looks all shiny and pretty – for reason of technical things I don’t fully understand it might not be fully accessable over the next 24 hours or so while internet things do their interent things.

An Update on the Update

Over a month ago I posted an update on saying I was preparing a new video. This was true but for reasons beyond my control it won’t be happening for a while. I have begun early stages of planning a 3rd season of The Unemployed Historian and some other projects. I won’t say anything too much for now other than I expect to post some new videos at the start of the Summer at the earliest. I’ve also fixed the Twitter widget! Huzzah!


I just realized I had not updated this blog for quite sometime. I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had much time to work on any videos since A Cry in The Morning. However, I do want to get some videos out as soon as possible. I’ve watched the next film I have planned to review and started doing a bit of research. I won’t put a time or date on when it gets done but it will happen! I’ve even bought a tripod!

Currently I have it in mind that I may review Frost/Nixon and perhaps Capote in the wake of the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I’ve nothing really nailed down except the fact that the subject of the next video.

Feel free to suggest films in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!