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UPDATE: The De-Blippining and The Great Re-YouTubening.

A few months ago, back in May to be exact, I received word that were going to be deleting my channel. Since then I have been re-editing and re-uploading my backlog of videos to a new YouTube Channel (which you should totally subscribe to because I’m lovely and so are you so we should be nice to each other).

Today, I reuploaded Wilde meaning that all 3 Literary History videos are now back online and I also reuploaded Gladiator.

What this means is that there are only 5 of the 26 regular series videos that are not yet online! Check below the cut for a full catalogue of videos:

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An Update on the Update

Over a month ago I posted an update on saying I was preparing a new video. This was true but for reasons beyond my control it won’t be happening for a while. I have begun early stages of planning a 3rd season of The Unemployed Historian and some other projects. I won’t say anything too much for now other than I expect to post some new videos at the start of the Summer at the earliest. I’ve also fixed the Twitter widget! Huzzah!