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I just realized I had not updated this blog for quite sometime. I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had much time to work on any videos since A Cry in The Morning. However, I do want to get some videos out as soon as possible. I’ve watched the next film I have planned to review and started doing a bit of research. I won’t put a time or date on when it gets done but it will happen! I’ve even bought a tripod!

Currently I have it in mind that I may review Frost/Nixon and perhaps Capote in the wake of the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I’ve nothing really nailed down except the fact that the subject of the next video.

Feel free to suggest films in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!


Site Update

Hey everyone,

I just want to give you a quick text update about the series going forward. The Madness of King George is, essentially, the last episode of season 2 of The Unemployed Historian.

There will be a slight break between season 2 and 3. A lot of stuff has been going on, namely I have gone back to college for the year, so my time is limited, but I will endeavor to produce some episodes when I can, you can be certain of that. 

So look out for new stuff coming up, when I finally get myself settled and amn’t falling asleep as soon as I get home every evening!

The Unemployed Historian joins NerdVice!

I’d like to make a little announcement, The Unemployed Historian is now part of NerdVice, a site which features the likes of The Film Renegado, Leon Thomas’ RenegadeCut, Phil Buni, The CircleGuy and much more!

Obviously, stuff will still go on here first but I’m very happy that NerdVice have chosen to pick up the show.

In other news all going well the next episode should be up tomorrow!


Season 2 – Update!


Sorry there haven’t been any videos, but, I decided to actually work on getting ready for the next run of episodes rather than doing a bunch of small videos with my rather crappy microphone.

So this is what I come to you to speak about! I have finished the first two scripts of the new Season of The Unemployed Historian and we’ll start on getting those filmed and up within the next few weeks.

I’ve decided that this first few episodes will deal with films which relate to Hollywood history (2 of the 4 scripts for this have been written!). Then I might move into films on literary figures, but tentatively I’ve selected the next 10 or so films I’m going to do.

Keep an eye out, and maybe a leg.


Unfortunately my latop charger gave out when I was editing today, so I won’t be able to get the next episode out this weekend like I hoped. I was already planning on getting a new one but I was hoping the charger would hold out. But it didn’t.

I am disappointed to say that The Patriot episode going to be delayed further. Which I really hate doing because I was only a few hours of editing away  from finishing it.

Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon and the show will be back on track ASAP!

– Patrick.

UPDATE:  New charger obtained, and next episode is being uploaded!