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Pilot Season: K9 and Company

This week’s episode has been edited by Alan so you know who to blame for any mistakes, Patrick – for putting him in a place of responsibility.

It’s K9 & Company, the 1980s attempt to launch a Doctor Who spin off.
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The Insert Witty Name Show Ep. 22 ‘One Track Lover’

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This week we enter Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – which was a suitably themed comedy TV show to talk about *in or around* Halloween. Also Alan squees about Captain Marvel and Not-David Bowie.

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The Insert Witty Name Show E. 5 ‘Possibly Wurzel Gummidge’

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This week on The Insert Witty Name show we talk about the confusing mess that is the 30th Anniversary Doctor Who special – Dimensions in Time. Which was a cross over with the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. This show will also serve as a reminder to anyone who wasn’t there that the 1990s were not that cool at all.

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Mr Blobby’s Song
Worzel Gummidge Theme
Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time
Dimensions in Time: Behind the Scenes
Dimensions in Time: Production Notes
Jim’ll Paint It
Adventures with the wife in space.