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The History of Selfies

Season 4 of The Unemployed Historian kicks off by looking what the deal is with selfies. Is this just vain a 21st century thing? Who invented the Selfie stick – and why!?


The Elephant Man

Let’s look at life as a 19th century human curiosity and how the man who wrote the book on Joseph Merrick got a few things wrong.

Featuring Leon Thomas from Renegade Cut.

Michael Collins (Redux)

One of the causalities of the De-Blippining was my original video on “Michael Collins”. So, as last week saw the demise of Blip.tv. and this past weekend saw the 93rd anniversary of Collins’ death. So, I decided to take a look at “Michael Collins” again!

Also this is *technically* the 50th episode.

A Short History of St. Patrick’s Day

He wasn’t Irish, he didn’t chase any snakes and Green isn’t even the first color associated with him! So who was St Patrick?

Thanks to Jill Bearup (Sursum Ursa) of Stuff You Like for making a special appearance in this video.