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Pilot Season: The XWF (w/ Jason Mann)

It’s the road to WrestleMania so what better way to celebrate then looking at failed attempts at wrestling TV shows? This week Alan tags out to be replaced by Jason Mann who is the host of Wrestlespective, The Alfred Hitchcast and The Over and Back podcast. Patrick and Jason get IN YOUR FACE as they talk about the XWF.

Jason Mann on Twitter.

Wrestlespective on Twitter.

Theme: Hustle by Kevin McLeod (http://incompetech.com)

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Unemployed Historian on Wrestlespective Radio.

I guested on Jason Mann’s awesome podcast Wrestlespective once more! This time we discussed The Wrestling Album and Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2

You can listen to it here.  You can also subscribe to Wrestlespective on iTunes and find it on Stitcher!

WrestleSpective Radio and The Crimson Mask Podcast

Like a fool, I forgot to mention that I was on two awesome podcasts a few weeks ago.

My (now slightly dated because we were talking about WrestleMania 29) appearance on my old friend Trey Irby’s The Crimson Mask.

And I also appeared on Jason Mann’s excellent WrestleSpective radio, where we talked Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock at No Way Out 2003.