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The Elephant Man

Let’s look at life as a 19th century human curiosity and how the man who wrote the book on Joseph Merrick got a few things wrong.

Featuring Leon Thomas from Renegade Cut.


Pilot Season: Star Trek – “The Cage” (w/Leon Thomas)

Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut joins us ahead of the revival of his series Attack of the Trek to talk about the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage”. There’s no Kirk, no McCoy, no Chekov not even a Yeoman Rand in sight. But we do get a disturbingly emotive Spock, a Doctor with a medical bag filled with booze, a female first officer and a guy who just stands by the turbo lift for no reason.

Theme: Hustle by Kevin McLeod (http://incompetech.com)

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The Insert Witty Name Show – Ep. 13 ‘Get Sparkly Pants But Don’t Think Of This As A Profitable Business’

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This week our host is joined by a group of contributors from Nerdvice (The Omega, Zenithwillrule, Gomer, LadySpaz and Leon Thomas) to talk about how they do that voodoo that they do.

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Insert Witty Name Show: Ep. 4 ‘This Damn Podcast’

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On this weeks podcast we suffer existential dread while talking about our favorite internet series. We talk about videos podcasts and are both very tired for very different reasons.

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Show Notes:

Interview with Juliette Danielle
The Obscure
Renegade Cut
Welcome to The Nightvale
Loading Ready Run
Get Up on This

Music: “Hustle” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Renegade Cut – That One Movie

The latest episode of my friend Leon Thomas’ excellent series Renegade Cut includes appearances by myself, Welshy, The Cinema Snob, Dan Olsen of Folding Ideas  and Count Jackula.

We were each asked to talk about that one film that, while not our favorite, we still can’t help but watch….