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Pilot Season: Star Trek – “The Cage” (w/Leon Thomas)

Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut joins us ahead of the revival of his series Attack of the Trek to talk about the original Star Trek pilot “The Cage”. There’s no Kirk, no McCoy, no Chekov not even a Yeoman Rand in sight. But we do get a disturbingly emotive Spock, a Doctor with a medical bag filled with booze, a female first officer and a guy who just stands by the turbo lift for no reason.

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The Insert Witty Name Show Ep. 18 ‘Serious Arm Cramp’

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This week on the show we talk about the Star Trek Next Gen cast movies. With a little bit of a diversion on why one of us hates Voyager. We also talk about Spiderman Universe and a little bit about NXT as our hosts share their similar-but-different passions of wrestling and comics.

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Insert Witty Name Show: Ep 2 “Ricardo Montlaban’s Peclicas”

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In the second episode we discuss Star Trek films. Specifically, the first six. We examine Ricardo Montlaban’s chest, DeForest Kelly’s beard, George Takei’s jacket and come up with the idea for a direct sequel to Star Trek IV

Pictured below: The Aging King of Disco



Show Notes:

Captain Kirk is Climbing A Mountain (Why Is He Climbing a Mountain?)

Star Trek Phase 2: The Lost Series by Judith Reeves Stevens

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