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A Short History of St. Patrick’s Day

He wasn’t Irish, he didn’t chase any snakes and Green isn’t even the first color associated with him! So who was St Patrick?

Thanks to Jill Bearup (Sursum Ursa) of Stuff You Like for making a special appearance in this video.

Pilot Season: Mystery Science Theater 3000

NOTE: The embed player link is acting up but it seems to be working fine here and in iTunes.

OK, so we’re slightly cheating this week. Since there’s no full pilot available for MST3K we’re going to be looking at the 4th episode of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 series from Minneapolis-St. Paul area channel KTMA TV 23. Also this is the first time we look at the humble beginnings of a show that would go on to become a classic series.

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MST3k Ep. K04 – Gamera vs Barugon

MST3k Vs. Gamera DVD Collection