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Dear Blip.tv,

I will be uploading my videos on YouTube again from here on in. The view counts won’t look so pretty but anyway….

Yours sincerely,

The Unemployed Historian.


Season 2 – Update!


Sorry there haven’t been any videos, but, I decided to actually work on getting ready for the next run of episodes rather than doing a bunch of small videos with my rather crappy microphone.

So this is what I come to you to speak about! I have finished the first two scripts of the new Season of The Unemployed Historian and we’ll start on getting those filmed and up within the next few weeks.

I’ve decided that this first few episodes will deal with films which relate to Hollywood history (2 of the 4 scripts for this have been written!). Then I might move into films on literary figures, but tentatively I’ve selected the next 10 or so films I’m going to do.

Keep an eye out, and maybe a leg.